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Hello Everyone,

This is Majestic, the only high ranking staff member still on the group. I just wanted to pop in and say that while our Commander has been absent for 152 weeks and my co-xo has deactivated his account I am still here and will continue to accept new submissions to the group.

So we aren't dead the group is still moving forward. So feel free to continue with your submissions and all enquires about the group, at least until our commander :icondarthdoull: returns can be directed to me.

My profile is :iconmajestic-msfc:
Hey you guys!

This is your absent XO speaking.  As of today, :iconsavecaprica: has been around for a year!  Now while we haven't been very active, we still appreciate you being here with us all the same!

Hope to see you around for another year!
Hello all!

This is my first journal for the group, but I think it is an important one all the same.  There is a goal among staff to get the group more active, but it seems that a lot of staff members of the group aren't entirely that active themselves, myself included in this, so the group is once again looking for some new contributors and, this time, volunteers.

What do you guys want the group to do to make you more active?  I have noticed that there we get at least two or three new members on average a week, so that means that there is still some interest in the Battlestar and Caprican universe.  How do we get that interest to be more lively, though?

If you have any suggestions, please note us or leave comments!!

Thank you,
One of your XOs,
Yes, as the title suggests, I'll be gone for a little while. All materials such as replies, submissions, votes, and affilations will be handled by our team of admins. Also, any contests will be handled by admins who wish to host them.

As for time-frame of my absence, I'm not entirely sure. I'm currently preparing to move across Canada to Edmonton, Alberta. So, I may not return until next year, 2012.

I wish you all a great summer, this is your founder signing off, good hunting!
Rules Regarding Repeated Submission of Unrelated Content.

Recently we have received many submissions that are completely unrelated to Battlestar Galactica or Caprica. Although, we do enjoy art of all nature.  SaveCaprica strives to deliver Battlestar Galactica and Caprica deviations to the community for all to enjoy.  So, as to keep our group free of unrelated content; we will enforce a new rule:

:bulletred: Any user who continuously submits UNRELATED content will be granted THREE warnings. If that user continues to submit unrelated content after the three warnings, they will be blocked from the group.

This rule only applies to users intending to submit unrelated content.

:bulletgreen: All submissions related to, depicting of, referencing to Battlestar Galactica and/or Caprica will be accepted.
:bulletyellow: If the reference is only in the title/description, the deviation will not be accepted.

With this, we hope to continue providing the best art in sci-fi for the community. :) Thank you for all your support and 'So Say We All!' :D


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